Rye Bay Scallop Week

Rye Bay Scallop Week

Sat 20th – Sun 28th Feb 2021

Tatner’s @ Olde Worlde Wines

When? Saturday 22nd February 2020, from midday

Tatner's Catering and EventsKyle has gained a variety of cooking styles from his travels around the globe, from French cuisine to Asian street food, and after working in some of the most prestigious establishments in Kent & East Sussex, he is now stepping in the forefront of events catering to bring you Tatner’s. Here is a sample of the dishes on offer throughout the event …

Aromatic Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Brioche Sub Sandwich
with Rye Bay Scallops, Light Chilli and BBQ Sauce and Crisp Salad

Scallop Chowder

Scallop Chowder

Smoked Rye Bay Fish Chowder
with Pan Fried Scallops and Wild Herb Oil

Olde Worlde Wines (Rye) Photo: Oliver Campion

Low and Slow Smoked Beef Brisket and Rye Bay Scallop Kebabs
with Crisp Asian Salad, Sesame and Fresh Coriander

Kyle Tatner

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